Community session: Empowering digital citizens

This session is curated by Paul Twomey, Fellow, Global Solutions Initiative. In the previous session on „Building human-centred and sustainable digital governance,“ a policy framework was presented that allows governments to move forcefully against a misalignment that exists in digital markets, namely between individuals and the other two market participants: digital service providers and the … Read more

Building human-centred and sustainable digital governance

This session is curated by Paul Twomey, Fellow, Global Solutions Initiative, and Dennis Snower, President, Global Solutions Initiative, and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection. Digital services have become an integral part of life for most of us. Although the digital revolution has unleashed new opportunities for economic, social and … Read more

Digital Transformation: Governance reforms and development opportunities

On 21 February 2022,  the first series of the Council for Global Problem-Solving’s workshop took place and dealt with the topic Digital  Transformation: Governance reforms and development opportunities. Dr. Paul Twomey presented the recent work of the Digital Governance working group, which he leads with Dennis Snower. Prof. Syed Munir Khasru discussed how digital transformations … Read more

Exploring the development-technology nexus via a digital transformation paradigm shift in development strategy in the digital age

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the significance of digital technologies, with expectations of benefits growing in terms of ensuring basic services like employment, education, healthcare, coping with mobility restrictions etc. While much of the world has availed itself of the benefits, the divide in the digital realm has been exposed and widened. The G20 needs … Read more

How to fix our institutions so they can live up to their promise

Election corruption, police brutality, political turmoil, tax breaks for the wealthy, unequal educational access, wage inequality, disinformation perpetrated by the media, and more. Events of the last few years have demonstrated that society’s institutions are in dire shape. Institutional failure is occurring because these institutions, from local to global, were made for a world that … Read more

Digital Divides – Preventing rising inequalities in the digital age

Digital divides take many different forms. Digital infrastructure and the skills to make use of digital technologies are not equally distributed across the globe, hence creating a divide with regard to the opportunities to actually make use of digital technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to learn and work from home has highlighted the … Read more

Keynote: Audrey Tang Panel: Human-centric Digital Governance

Many transactions in the digital economy involve barter: consumers of digital services get many digital services for free (or under-priced) and in return have personal information about themselves collected – for free. However, it is often completely non-transparent to the user, which data is collected and what it is used for. In fact, personal data … Read more

clean-IT: Towards Sustainable Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are indispensable to achieving sustainable development goals and reducing carbon emissions in many sectors. Yet, computer systems themselves have an immense energy requirement for their countless devices, data centres, applications and global networks. With Covid-19 the shift to digital in living, learning and earning is bringing us closer to the time when digitization … Read more

Protecting liberal discourse and values on the internet

Our culture, norms and values from the offline, real world oftentimes do not translate into the online world, which is by nature remote and lacks actual physical encounters. Online platforms provide a space in which individual opinions can be easily published and receive traction. This becomes problematic if these opinions are misleading or malicious, especially … Read more

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