Beyond the tyranny of the urgent: long-term systemic and intersectoral reforms on gender-related health barriers in Covid-19 recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated gender-related structural inequalities and barriers in women’s healthcare access – a phenomenon similarly observed in past economic and health crises. Yet long-term, intersectoral and structural reforms are given low priority. G20 leaders have an opportunity to use COVID-19 recovery initiatives to build more gender-equitable health and non-health systems through collaboration … Read more

G20 Performance on Gender Equality

  Challenge   Proposal The G20 has become a more significant player in governing global gender equality over the last five years. However, the expanding size and scope of its public deliberation on the issue has not yet translated into a significant number of action-oriented commitments to improve gender equality at home and abroad. Nor … Read more

G20 Performance on Gender Equality

  Challenge   Proposal For many years, gender equality scholars and experts have been advocating for the mainstreaming of gender in domestic and international policymaking. This year, Argentina’s G20 presidency has made it mandatory to mainstream gender across the entire 2018 agenda, including its three top priorities of the future of work, infrastructure for development … Read more

Bridging the Gender Digital Gap

Despite the headway the world has experienced over the years in terms of a substantial increase in digital access, there are still significant challenges to overcome in ensuring women are included in the transformation to a digital society and leapfrogging productivity and social development.  Efforts to increase internet adoption access through broadband plans and legislative … Read more

Gender Mainstreaming: A Strategic Approach

 “Women make up a little over half the world’s population, but their contribution to measured economic activity, growth, and well-being is far below its potential, with serious macroeconomic consequences. …. The challenges of growth, job creation, and inclusion are closely intertwined.” [Elborgh-Woytek et al., 2013] As a starting point, this brief recognizes the importance of … Read more

Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

To achieve the G20 member nation’s objective, both individually and collectively, of achieving growth that is strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive, it is critical to enact policies and design programs that target and empower the large population of rural women. Promoting rural women’s economic empowerment presents unique challenges that require multidimensional approaches to overcome. Evidence … Read more

Financial Inclusion for Women: A Way Forward

Despite the general progress made in terms of financial inclusion worldwide (there has been a nominal increase in the number of adults who have access to a bank account), the gender gap remains unaltered since 2011. In order to overcome the barriers faced by women to access and use financial services three sets of recommendations … Read more

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