Policy Brief
Global Public Investment for Global Challenges
Simon Reid-Henry (Public Interest and Research Professor), Christoph Benn (Joep Lange Institute)
Policy Brief
Towards a Balanced Quota Reform at the IMF
William N. Kring (Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University), Haihong Gao (Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)), Rakesh Mohan (Centre for Social and Economic Progress), Marilou Uy (Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four (G24))
Policy Brief
Establishing a Consensus on Development: On G20-Led WTO Reforms
Pradeep S. Mehta (CUTS International), Sneha Singh (Faculty of Law), Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan (National Council for Applied Economic Research and Centre for Social and Economic Progress), Peter Draper (Institute for International Trade in the Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide, Australia), Heribert Dieter (German Institute for International and Security Affairs)
Policy Brief
Leveraging India’s G20 Presidency to Address the IMF’s Quota Allocation Issue
Upamanyu Basu (Department of Social and Political Studies), Vishal Sagar (Department of Social and Political Studies), Anand Kumar Mishra (Department of Social and Political Studies), Meritxell Perello (Asia-Pacific Team)
Policy Brief
Reforming the Global Financial Architecture to Drive a Resilient Net- Zero Transition
Nicola Ranger (Oxford Martin Systemic Resilience Programme and Programme Leader), Fulvia Marotta (Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment), Sam Fankhauser (Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment), Brian O’Callaghan (Government Policy and Investment)
Policy Brief
A Proposed ‘Brady Plan 2.0’ to Avert Sovereign Debt Crises in the Developing World
Brahima S. Coulibaly (Global Economy and Development), Wafa Abedin (Global Economy and Development)
Policy Brief
Transforming the WTO for Inclusive and Resilient Globalisation
Yose Rizal Damuri (Centre for Strategic and International Studies), Sanchita Basu Das (Asian Development Bank)

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