Policy Brief
Assessing Return of Investment in Nature Through an SDG-Aligned Global Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Framework
Gitika Goswami (Policy Research & Planning), Saundharaya Khanna (Policy Research & Planning), Vaishali Kanojia (Policy Research & Planning), Chris Hopkins (Green Economy Coalition)
Policy Brief
Achieving the SDGs for Road Safety in G20 Countries
Jessica Truong (Towards Zero Foundation), David Ward (Towards Zero Foundation), Rob McInerney (International Road Assessment Programme), Greg Smith (International Road Assessment Programme)
Policy Brief
A Holistic Approach to Urbanism as an SDGs Accelerator
Anna Laura Petrucci (Dar Al Ulum University), Krishnendu Sarkar (NSHM Knowledge Campus), Anvita Arora (KAPSAC)
Policy Brief
A Framework for the Global Governance of Private Cybersecurity Companies
Shaun Riordan (European Institute for International Studies), Mario Torres Jarrín (the Pontifical University of Salamanca), Alejandro Garofali Acosta (Sweden)
Policy Brief
A Framework for a Reformed WTO Appellate Body
Rachel Thrasher (Global Economic Governance Initiative)
Policy Brief
Building G7-G20 Synergy for a Multipolar World
Jayant Prasad (IDSA), Syed Munir Khasru (Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (IPAG)), Aleksandra Jaskólska (University of Warsaw), Monish Tourangbam (Amity University Noida)
Policy Brief
The Consequences of Arctic Amplification in a Warming World
Durwood Zaelke (Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development), M. Ravichandran (Ministry of Earth Sciences), Zerin Osho (India Program), Gabrielle Dreyfus (Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development), Kiran Ghosh (Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development), Trina Chiemi (Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development), Upendra Tripathy (Government of Odisha), Amelia Murphy (Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development)
Policy Brief
Gender-Equitable Family Policies for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: An Agenda for the G20
Elena Camilletti (UNICEF Innocenti Global Office of Research and Foresight), Ramya Subrahmanian (UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti), Dominic Richardson (Learning for Well- being Institute), AK Shiva Kumar (UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti), Rosario Esteinou (Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology), Lauren Whitehead (UNICEF)
Policy Brief
Reorienting IFIs for Meeting Emerging Development Financing Challenges
Priyadarshi Dash (Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)), Yose Rizal Damuri (Centre for Strategic and International Studies), Arun S. Nair (Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)), Dandy Rafitrandi (Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS))

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