Policy Brief
Developing A Whole-of-Government, Whole-of-Society Approach for Malaria Elimination
Shubhla Singh (Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance), Sheila Tlou (African Leaders Malaria Alliance), Amita Chebbi (Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance), Anthony Okara (African Leaders Malaria Alliance)
Policy Brief
Towards a Robust Social Protection System in the Post-Pandemic Era
Sayantan Ghosal (Research and Information System for Developing Countries), Laura Trajber Waisbich (South-South Cooperation Research and Policy Centre (Articulação SUL)/University of Oxford)
Policy Brief
Leveraging Knowledge Sharing for Social Protection
Mariana Balboni (United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)), Marina de Carvalho (United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)), Fábio Veras Soares (Institute for Applied Economic Research(IPEA))
Policy Brief
Care Economy and Gender – Transformative Social Protection in India and the G20 Countries
Hyun Hee Ban (United Nations Children’s Fund India), Veena Bandyopadhyay (UNICEF India), Alexandra Barrantes (Development Pathways)
Policy Brief
NFTs: The state of the arts?
Megan Ballesty (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC))
Milindo Chakrabarti
Center for Sustainability, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India
Health Investments for Social and Economic Prosperity
The wealth of our societies is typically described in terms of economic growth, production and income. Yet, people would probably name good health as their most important goal, particularly under the current pandemic circumstances. Economic prosperity is intrinsically dependent on public health. Investments in healthcare and R&D, as well as in other social and health-promoting ... Read more
The Future of Welfare States 
Welfare states can buffer economic hardship – their primary function is to provide a public safety net in times of individual crisis and to enable people to overcome the crisis through activation. Thus, if done right, welfare states support solidarity and empowerment. In normal times, welfare states deal with individual volatility resulting from impacts of ... Read more
How to fix our institutions so they can live up to their promise
Election corruption, police brutality, political turmoil, tax breaks for the wealthy, unequal educational access, wage inequality, disinformation perpetrated by the media, and more. Events of the last few years have demonstrated that society’s institutions are in dire shape. Institutional failure is occurring because these institutions, from local to global, were made for a world that ... Read more

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