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G20 India 2023

Innovative Approaches to Assessing Progress in the SDGs

Yolanda K Gibb (Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI)), Slavica Singer (J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek), Dinah Bennett (Enterprise Development, Women’s Economic Imperative), Smita Premchander (Sampark), Arlen Pettitt (Gender and Entrepreneurship Northeast (GENE)), Chris Jackson (IDG Hub), Anne Jenkins (Women’s Economic Imperative), V. Prameela (Sampark), Rishika Rathore (Fundraising & Impact), Saras Sarasvathy (University of Virginia), Margo Thomas (Women’s Economic Imperative)
G20 India 2023
G20 India 2023

Developing A Whole-of-Government, Whole-of-Society Approach for Malaria Elimination

Shubhla Singh (Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance), Sheila Tlou (African Leaders Malaria Alliance), Amita Chebbi (Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance), Anthony Okara (African Leaders Malaria Alliance)
G20 India 2023

Enabling Local Governance to Mitigate the Climate and Biodiversity Crises

Sukanya Das (Department of Policy and Management Studies), Elisabeth Hoch (Climate & Company), Gabriel Medina (University of Brasilia), Benno Pokorny (University of Freiburg), Dil Rahut (Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)), Maximiliaan Tetteroo (Climate & Company)
G20 India 2023
G20 India 2023

High Seas Treaty: Searching for Common Grounds

Karina Barquet (Stockholm Environment Institute), Elin Leander (Stockholm Environment Institute), Matilda Gunnarsson (Stockholm Environment Institute), Jonathan Green (Stockholm Environment Institute York), Robert Watt (Stockholm Environment Institute)

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