BWC Scientific Experts Group to Combat Biological Threats

Saurabh Todi (The Takshashila Institution), Shambhavi Naik (Takshashila Institution)
This Policy Brief was first published in https://t20ind.org


The technological landscape in the field of biotechnology has evolved rapidly over last decade. The availability of cutting-edge technologies has made it easier to manipulate microorganisms, disease vectors, and living cells. However, existing biological threat assessment systems have been unable to assess the potential biosecurity risks of such technologies. The COVID-19 experience has been instructive in showing the potential for economic and public health harm that a bioweapon with similar characteristics can unleash. This Policy Brief proposes to institutionalise a Scientific Expert Group (SEG) within the ambit of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), similar to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This board will assess the biosecurity risks of new technologies, monitor the emergence and evolution of biological threats, both natural and man-made, and recommend countermeasures.


Saurabh Todi (The Takshashila Institution), Shambhavi Naik (Takshashila Institution)

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