Digital Public Infrastructure for Efficient Cross-Border Data Flow

Spriha Pandey (Chase India), Gaurav Chaudhary (Chase India), Kaushal Mahan (Chase India)
This Policy Brief was first published in https://t20ind.org


The rapid advancement and adoption of digital technology in the recent past has helped bridge gaps in geographies and markets, but it has also brought to the fore certain issues that are of concern for the G20. Digital divide, issues of data privacy, and security concerns are impediments to the G20 realising the potential of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), and cross-border data flow. Challenges posed by unchecked data extraction, data monopolisation, and obstacles to the sharing of legitimate data hamper the sharing of reliable information that can have positive externalities on livelihoods and overall development. A collective response from the G20 is required to solve the challenges arising from issues of rights and privacy associatedwithdatasharing.Drawingon India’s experience in digital payments, this Policy Brief broadens the global dialogue and offers a framework around which a digital public infrastructure for efficient cross-border data flow can be structured. The brief recognises that driving meaningful conversations on cross-border data flow is not an easy task. To facilitate the growth of DPI, the brief outlines recommendations to help the global community adopt and develop a universal DPI that streamlines cross-border data flow and allows the G20 to reap associated benefits.


Spriha Pandey (Chase India), Gaurav Chaudhary (Chase India), Kaushal Mahan (Chase India)

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