The Program

The Young Global Changers program identifies, connects and empowers young people from around the globe engaged in different areas of society who are already actively pushing for change in their communities, enabling them to have an even greater impact.

Global Solutions Summer School: After a two-phase selection process the new cohort of Young Global Changers begins the program with an intensive summer school in Berlin. The summer school will deal with one of the most pressing current global challenges, namely the recoupling the economy with social prosperity and environmental sustainability. During workshops and lectures, the participants work with one-of-a-kind individuals from academia, as well as the governmental and business sector.

Global Solutions Summit: As part of this comprehensive summer school program in Berlin the participants will also attend the Global Solutions Summit. The Summit is an annual gathering of academics, heads of states, high-ranking politicians and business leaders with a vision of building a better future. At the Summit the participants will engage with the speakers and stakeholders and share their visions and ideas.

Continued Engagement: After their participation in the summer school and the Global Solutions Summit, the Young Global Changers’ efforts continue as part of an engaged global network. The goal ist to build a sustainable network of engaged individuals and together advance the project of recoupling economic advancements with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

The Global Solutions Summer School

The entry-ticket to the Young Global Changers network is an intensive summer school. The overall spirit of the summer school is one of academic excellence but also of collaboration, empowerment and inspiration.

The summer school empowers and connects Young Global Changers from all over the world and focuses on the need for Recoupling at the intersection of local and global initiatives. During the summer school, participants interact with high-level academic lecturers but also work in small teams on a challenge that explores global solutions in local contexts. The summer school leads up to the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin and concludes one day after the Summit.

The Global Solutions Summit

The Young Global Changers also participate in the Global Solutions Summit. The Summit connects thought-leaders and decision-makers with a vision of building a better future. The Young Global Changers attend the sessions and events of the Summit and interact and enagge with the speakers and other participants.

In 2019, 1,600 participants from 120 countries registered for the summit, met with 221 speakers and participated in over 60 sessions. Among the participants were heads of states and high-ranking politicians, business leaders, representatives from leading universities and think tanks, civil society organizations and international organizations such as the OECD, United Nations and the World Bank.

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