T20 TF4 Tansforming the food systems solutions for sustainable and equitable food security

This session is curated by T20 Task Force 4 Lead Co-Chair Damayanti Buchori, Chair of the Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Sciences (CTSS), IPB University.
Global food security has significantly improved in the past decades due to continuous agricultural and industrial innovations and the global food trade. However, the global food system still falls short of delivering food security for all at all times or securing decent livelihoods for millions of small-holder farmers and fishers. The food system is challenged by threats of climate change, environmental degradation, supply chain disruptions, and declining agriculture production in a rapidly urbanizing world. To discuss this policy issue, the Task Force 4 on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture proposes to host a working session on transforming the food systems in the format of virtual discussion. The session aims to explore feedback and input from the participating audience to support the task force’s policy brief authors in providing recommendations and solutions to the world leaders during the G20 summit.
Some key questions to be addressed in the session are:
How can countries improve food system resilience in the face of pandemic uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, and climate crisis threats??
How can policies be designed to simultaneously address sustainability of the planet, prosperity of small-scale farmers and businesses, and food security of the people??
How can countries leverage local wisdom and technology adoption in agriculture to strengthen food security??
How can countries cooperate to achieve global food security?

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