Global Tables on Recoupling: Strategies and Visions

At the core of the Digital Global Solutions Summit are Global Tables, each tackling the T20 and G20 agenda as well as generating policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Global Tables are filled with keynotes, discussions, interviews and impulse statements by high-ranking representatives from research, politics, business and civil society.

In the past the G20 has shown its great potential to deal with a global crisis. Its decisive policy impulse ensured that the 2008 financial crisis did not lead to another Great Depression. The COVID-19 pandemic is another global crisis, which requires coordinated and bold action globally. The pandemic demonstrates powerfully the need for multilateralism, enabling different countries with distinctive political, economic and social systems to come together to address problems that are shared by all. This Global Table will provide insights on how the G20 is helping to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. It will also explore how the learning from this response may be applicable for other G20 challenges, ranging from climate change to financial resilience and from the future of the international trading system to the future of work.

Fahad bin Abdullah Al Mubarak
G20 Sherpa Saudi Arabia


Pietro Benassi
G7/G20 Sherpa Italy


Christopher MacLennan
G20 Sherpa Canada


Lars-Hendrik Röller
G7/G20 Sherpa Germany


Dennis Snower
Global Solutions Initiative

Rebuilding Macroeconomics after the Pandemic
Partner Global Table: Curated and produced by ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Financial Crisis, nationalism and COVID-19 are all socio-economic pandemics in the last decade. Each one starts in a small corner of our world, then spreads across continents in a very short space of time. Each one is a surprise, and each one catches us unprepared. If we are to be prepared for the next pandemic or crisis, we need a different approach to economics. It has to be possible to generate cascading systemic events within our models. We argue that this requires making the importance of social interaction central to economic models. Social foundations determine the rules of the game, how we interact with others and the ultimately the resilience of the economy. 

This Global Table will argue the need to put social foundations at the center of rebuilding macroeconomics and economic policy.

Angus Armstrong
ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics





Wendy Carlin
University College London


Paul Collier
Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford


Alan Kirman
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociale


Henrietta Moore
Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London


Angus Armstrong

ESRC’s Rebuilding Macroeconomics

The role of civil society and businesses for fostering recoupling
Partner Global Table: Curated and produced by Global Solutions Fellow Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton University

There is growing consensus that shareholder primacy has been a source of disconnect between the objectives of most businesses and the common good. Moreover, with pervasive tax evasion and growing concentration in most markets, the power of corporations and of corporate leaders is seen as a threat to sound governance and social cohesion, contributing to voters’ widespread feeling of disenfranchisement that pushes them toward populist demagogues. Many corporations now recognize the need to reaffirm their responsibility to workers, communities and the environment. New statements of purpose, as well as new corporate forms, emerge to address this crisis. This panel gathers pioneers from the business world and civil society to discuss what businesses are already doing to foster the recoupling of business practice and the common good, and how new forms of cooperation between businesses and civil society can help to scale-up and mainstream this recoupling.

Marc Fleurbaey
Princeton University; Global Solutions Fellow


Amandine Lepoutre
President and Co-Founder, Thinkers & Doers


Joost Minnaar
Founder, Corporate Rebels


Arnaud Mourot


The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many fundamental aspects of our society. The world needs to transcend the challenges laid bare by the crisis. There is a clear need to move beyond today’s polarization to future guided by partnership and collaboration to create a better and fairer world. How can we better link wealth and health? 

The expert panel representing public, private and policy sectors as well as academic and civil society will explain the link between wealth and health, discuss the growing realization of healthcare spending as driver of wealth rather than cost item and explore the critical role of public-private partnerships in shaping the future.

Dennis Ostwald
WifOR Institute





Alan Donnelly
G20 Health & Development Partnership


Jayasree Iyer

Access to Medicines Foundation


Patrice Matchaba

Novartis, South Africa


Dennis Ostwald

WifOR Institute


Foteini Bampanara
Novartis, Greece

Policy Recommendations, Policy Briefs and Articles

Toward Global Paradigm Change

by Dennis Snower (Global Solutions Initiative)

Recoupling Economic and Social Progress

By Katharina Lima de Miranda (IfW) and Dennis J. Snower (Global Solutions Initiative)

Beyond Growth: Towards a New Economic Approach

New Approaches to Economic Challenges, OECD 

Awakening in the post-pandemic world

The socioeconomics of pandemics policy

Recoupling economic and social prosperity – Global Solutions Journal

Five theses against self-indulgence – Global Solutions Journal

Contributions by the Young Global Changers

Ninety young people from around the world were selected to participate in the Global Solutions Summit as Young Global Changers. These young changemakers from academica, business and civil society will contribute and debate in their various working groups on the Summit topics.

Statement Video on Recoupling by the 2020 YGCs

Take a look at the video with statements and questions by the YGC Working Group on Recoupling.

Related Projects by the 2020 YGCs

The Young Global Changers work on projects and initiatives that are pushing for change.

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