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The Program

The Young Global Changers program identifies, connects and empowers young people from around the globe engaged in different areas of society who are already actively pushing for change in their communities, enabling them to have an even greater impact.

Each year, after an extensive application and selection process, a new cohort of Young Global Changers from around the world joins the Young Global Changers program. After a comprehensive Summer School and a participation in the Global Solutions Summit these Young Global Changers join a global network of changemakers to connect and advance the Recoupling of the economy with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Who should apply:

1. Young Researchers and Academics
involved in a research project that tackles issues related to the Recoupling of the economy with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

2. Young Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
engaged in their own innovative social enterprises or as young profesionals working towards changing “business as usual” from the inside.

3. Young Non-Profit Leaders,
active as community organizers, advocacy leaders, campaigners, or implementers of social, economic or environmental change on a local, regional or global level.

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Each year, a new cohort of Young Global Changers from around the world begins the Young Global Changers program with a comprehensive one-week Summer School in Berlin.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Solutions Summit and the corresponding Global Solutions Summer School went digital in 2020 and 2021. Instead of meeting during a comprehensive one-week onsite program in Berlin, the Young Global Changers 2020 and YGC Alumni participated in an extended online program, including an interactive online simulation game, a series of expert dialogue sessions as well as interactive elements with active contributions by the program participants.

The Global Solutions Summit – the World Policy Forum – is an international conference aimed at addressing key policy challenges facing the Group of Twenty (G20) and other global governance fora. The Summit is an annual gathering of academics, heads of states, high-ranking politicians and business leaders with a vision of building a better future. Each year the current cohort of Young Global Changers will attend the sessions and events of the Summit and interact and engage with the speakers and other participants.

This year, due to the corona pandemic, the Global Solutions Summit 2021 has to take place digitally once again. Instead of meeting physically at the Summit in Berlin, all meetings were held virtually. The Young Global Changers continued their engagement during the last monst and meet in Engagement Groups to prepare their contributions for the Summit. You can learn about projects from four different regions of the world and how they contribute to a better recoupling of economic activities with environmental sustainability and the needs of people and societies during the Young Global Changers Session Global Challenges – Local Solutions on May 27. You can also join a discussion with them during the networking breaks in the YGC Area.

After their participation in Summer School and Summit, the Young Global Changers’ efforts continue as part of an engaged global network. The goal ist to build a sustainable network of engaged individuals and together advance the project of recoupling economic advancements with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

As part of their ongoing efforts the Young Global Changers are invited to:

  • Create and drive online conversations on relevant Global Solutions’ topics
  • Activate their networks via social media and other channels to bring these topics into the world
  • Co-design and facilitate YGC web events
  • Spread the word and contribute to the Young Global Changers Blog
  • Contribute to current global policy debates by publishing their own Policy Briefs
  • Connect to fellow Young Global Changers and promote and engage in projects for change
  • Keep Global Solutions up to date about the progress of their projects

Learn more about the Young Global Changers network, their projects and on how to engage – or browse through the YGC Blog (see latest entries below).

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