Jaya Josie


Dr. Jaya Josie is the Head of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) BRICS Research Centre. He is an economist with experience in development economic research in public finance, fiscal policy, and intergovernmental fiscal relations targeting inequality, unemployment and poverty. He was formerly a Senior Research Manager in the HSRC’s Economic Performance & Development (EPD) unit. He led the HSRC South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) team that prepared the BRICS Think Tank Council’s (BTTC) recommendation, “Towards a Long Term Strategy for BRICS”, that was endorsed by the Sixth BRICS Heads of State Summit in Fortaleza Brazil in July 2014. He was also part of the South African Department of International Relations & Cooperation (DIRCO) delegation on Blue economy research in Dhaka, Bhubaneshwar, Perth and the IORA meeting in Durban. He was the first coordinator of the Macroeconomic Research Group (MERG) in South Africa, and Director of the National Institute of Economic Policy (NIEP). He was a director of the Development Economic Services unit at Ernst and Young, South Africa, and the Deputy Chairperson of the Financial & Fiscal Commission (FFC). He has provided advice and training in Sudan, Vietnam; The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Parliament of South Africa, Nepal, Nigeria, India and Mexico. He also has led and undertaken several research projects and has published research papers and journal articles. He is currently member of the Academic Committees of the International Monetary Institute (IMI), Renmin University Beijing, and the Centre for Internet Finance and Innovation (CIFI), Zhejiang University respectively. Dr. Josie has participated and presented papers in conferences, seminars and training workshops as part of a panel of international and local experts with particular reference to development, public finance & fiscal policy targeting poverty & inequality in: Beijing, T20 Kickoff Meeting for G20 Summit in China; December 2015; Shanghai, Vi China World Studies Forum, November 2015; Moscow, BRICS & Global Commons, October 2015; Durban, BRICS Round Table, World Social Science Forum September 2015; Perth, Indian Ocean Rim Association, August 2015; New Delhi, Priorities for the BRICS New Development Bank; June 2015; Paris, Economic Policy Forum Round Table on Climate Change for COP 21, June 2015; Moscow, BRICS Academic Forum, May, 2015; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (BRICS Academic Forum, March, 2014); South Africa, Stellenbosch (BRICS Think Tank Council (BTTC), November 2013) Russia (September, 2013), the Republic of Sudan (October 2013), Socialist Republic of Vietnam (December 2012), Democratic Republic of the Congo (June & October 2012), Ethiopia (June 2011), Parliament of South Africa (March 2011), Nepal (December 2008); Nigeria (March 2008), India (December 2007) and Mexico (March 2007). At the HSRC Dr. Josie was involved in several research projects. These include team member of the Limpopo local economic development project (2012); coordinator of the Western Cape Land Restitution assessment & diagnostic project, (2013); coordinator of the project to prepare the BTTC Vision & Strategy document (2013/14); member of the project team to assess the impact of rates & taxes on residents & households in the City of Johannesburg (2013/14), and coordinator of the evaluation of the EU supported local economic development programmes in three provinces (2013/14). Dr. Josie has been a research partner with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and undertook two research projects for the Bank from October 2011; research aimed at producing a public finance framework for the DBSA’s Integrated Infrastructure Plan 2022, and the construction of a DBSA Development Indicator Framework for Financing Public Infrastructure Projects in South Africa. Dr. Josie’s most recent publications include; Jaya Josie, International Investment & Interconnected Economy – the Case of China in Multilateral Investment in Sub Saharan Africa, Book Chapter T20 December 2015, Beijing; Jaya Josie, Public Infrastructure Investment: A BRICS Perspective for Inclusive Sustainable Development, Book Chapter, Academic Forum, 2014, IPEA, Brasilia; Jaya Josie, The Developmental State: Implications for Parliament and Legislatures in South Africa Journal of the South African Legislative Sector, April 2014, Volume 1, Number 1, ISSN: 2312- 1963. www.sals.gov.za; Josie J., 2013, (Book Chapter/Occasional Paper Series), Principles and practice of national and sub-regional fiscal policy in South Africa's intergovernmental fiscal relations (IGFR) system: A review and analysis of trends, The Forum of Federations (FoF), Canada; Josie J., MacDonald G. and Petchey J.; 2008; A Dynamic Equalization Model for Economic and Social Infrastructure Grants with a South African Example, Vol. 44: 8, 1169-1189, Journal of Development Studies, UK; Josie J, with Reddy SP, James S, Sewpaul R, Koopman F, Funani NI, Sifunda S, Masuka P, Kambaran NS, Omardien RG, Umthenthe Uhlaba Usamila; 2010: The South African Youth Risk Behaviour Survey 2008. Cape Town: South African Medical Research Council, 2010 (Launched, 20 April 2010, Pretoria).

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